To the Attention of Workers and Others
All those who had worked for the Company or interested in the Company are informed about the developments as and when they happen on this page


All those interested in what is happening should know the outcomes of the hearng of the appeal filed by Sri M.N.Vijayakumar, MD, Mysore Lamps at the Karnataka Information Commission scheduled on 5/5/07 at 11.30 am. The Information Commission is located at III Floor,III Stage, MS Building (next to Vikasa Soudha) . Even though the appeal may not be having direct relation with the workers' interest or revival , it will certainly have an impact on the major issues pertaing to the Company
25/4/07 News about holding the Board of meeting at the residence of the MD sri M.N.Vijayakumar has been reported in both Deccan Herald and Prajavani, However the Principal Secretary is again requested by an email today to inform all the Board of Directors to attend the meeting without fail. He is also requested to give the phone number,address to the Board of Directors. As the transfer has been done with malicious intention than reviving the company ,all concerned have been asked not to have too much hope just because a Principal secretary grade officer has been posted as full time MD. If the real intention were to revive the Company, I would have been told about it before posting me here and consent would have been taken. They would not have taken one month to issue reposting order and almost two months to issue reposting order. The fact that till today I have not been provided with any supporting staff or facilities and forced to get details by filing application under the RTI Act speaks about the intention. What an irony is the fact that even after making the RTI application information was not given and again I was forced to appeal against the C&I Department to the Information Commission and that too only when the Commission directed in the open court some information has been given and some of it are totally wrongEven though the Commission had ordered the PIO , C&I Department to be present on 23/4/07, he did not attend. The Commission has orderd both C&I Department and the DPAR to provide information sought and also directed them to appear on 5/5/07
No Board of Director turned up for the meeting on 26/4/07.Board again reconvened on 30/4/07 at my residence at 11.30 am with the same agenda
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