My letter to Principal secretary C&I Department dated 2/6/07

Dear Sri Shivkumar,

I am conducting the Board meeting of Mysore Lamps on 4/6/07 at 11.45am at Mysore Lamps. If I am not allowed to conduct the Meeting inside Mysore Lamps, I will hold the Board Meeting on the footpath ouside Mysore Lamps. Please inform all Board of Directors to attend the Board Meeting. I must have asked you in writingcto send Sri Somanna at least 10 times since I assumed charge on 28/3/07, but not even once you bothered. Send Sri somanna at least to be present on 4/6/07. Till today I have no staff, no facilities, no salary and no vehicle. Make arrangements for my security and my transport. I should be there at Mysore Lamps exactly at 11.40am on 4/6/07. I am reproducing below the meeting notice and agenda for the 4/6/07 Board Meeting.

Thanking you!
MN Vijayakumar
2/6/07 11.50am

Agenda and Notes for the Board Meeting to be held on 4/6/07**
Venue: Mysore Lamps Works Ltd if not allowed on the footpath in front of Mysore Lamps
Time: 11.45 am

Agenda and Notes:
1. Extract from letter sent to Chief secretary with copies to H.E. the Governor of Karnataka, Hon'ble Lokayukta, Karnataka Information Commission, Home Commissioner and The Principal
Secretary C&I Department
Arrangement sought to be made by the Principal Secretary C&I Department in connection with this Board Meeting:

The Principal Secretary C&I department now at least should act with responsibility and make arrangements for Sri M.N.vijayakumar,IAS , MD, MLW visit to Mysore Lamps on 4/6/07 at
11.45 am to hold the Board Meeting- vehicle , security , informing all concerned. Otherwise I will hold the Board Meeting with ex-officers and ex-workers on the footpath out side Mysore Lamps to discuss my written instructions dated 28/5/07. You may ignore order signed in the name of the Governor, but I will not.As you wanted me to manage the closed Company in spite of pointing out the criminal intention. Also send Sri somanna to the board Meeting.
2. Any other subject to be discussed by the Managing Director
Managing Director

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