Developments on 23/6/07

Put on the website at 10.50 am on 23/6/07

Dear Mr Jain,
I saw your message at 7pm.
This is to inform you that I have assumed charge as per rules and communicated to everyone on 28/3/07 itself. As for as taking physical charge from Sri Somanna is considered no Principal Secretary grade officer has ever taken physical charge. Why I should become an exception because I have been posted with criminal intention by the DPAR for reporting serious corrupt practices of senior officers running into a few hundreds of crores of rupees.In the present case it becomes more important because Sri Somanna has not taken action as per DPE guidelines for closed companies. Further Sri Somanna has looted the company with the active support of C&I Department.. This I have been repeatedly bringing to the notice of the C&I Department, but C&I Department instead of taking action against Sri Somanna , C &I Department after more than 100 days afterthe transfer order was issued is compelling me to take physical charge from him with malicious intention

DPAR allowed a very junior officer to assume my charge(additional) when I was transferred from Regional Commissioner, Bangalore and all these procedures quoted by C&I Department now was not used. Here I,a senior officer posted as a full time MD, assuming charge is not considered as valid by both DPAR and C&I Department who conspired to physically harm me.When Sri Nayak assumed charge, my signature was not insisted by any one. Till today my signature is not taken on the CTC. Does it mean that I am still the Regional Commissioner This discrimnation is there only because I reported serious corrupt practices of senior officers

It is not clear why I have been receiving letters (including those signed and approved by the Chief Secretary himself.) from the Government addressing me as Managing Director of MLW. Only after I obtained proof of looting of Mysore Lamps on 28/5/07 by Sri Somanna with the support of C&I Department, I have not been considered as MD.

As I am the only permanent officer with no supporting staff,any facility , any information, it is physically impossible to take charge of a company looted with the support of C&I department. As far as my work of reviving the Company is considered, I have been continuously at it since the day I took charge on 28/3/07. C&I Department may not bother about the looting of Mysore Lamps by Sri Somanna, but my Service Rules require me to work with absolute integrity and I cannot close my eyes to the looting of Mysore Lamps by Sri Somanna with the support of C&I Department. There is a limit to which you can force me to take charge of assets, part of which has been looted..C&I Department's total silence on this issue is expected as the C&I Department is also fully involved in the looting of public property.I have filed complaint with the Lokayukta against both Sri K.M.Shivakumar and Sri A.K.Somanna.

It is finally C&I Department which is acting with criminal intention by not even providing me with a class four staff, leave alone other needed staff to take physical charge (which no Principal Secretary grade officer takes). Please give details to me of atleast one instance where a Principal Secretary grade officer (for that matter an IAS officer of any grade )without even a single supporting staff has taken physical charge of a looted company, then I will contact him and do exactly what he might have done in the past.

Otherwise let Principal Secretary or Secretary C&I Department show me how a single ofiicer with no supporting staff can take physical charge of assets partially looted and I will follow the same.As far as I am concerned I have done enough exercise on the revival of Mysore Lamps and regarding the looting of Mysore Lamps by Sri Somanna with the support of C&I Department.

In view of all these, this is to inform you that I am going ahead with the meeting planned tomorrow.Please bring this to the notice of Chief Secretary immediately. For doing work in public interest I dont have to take up the criminal burden of Sri Shivakumar or Sri Somanna.

Any person forcing me to do so will be abetting their crime. Direct Sri Somanna and the officer looking after MLW in C&I Department to be present during tomorrow's meeting along with other Board of Directors if any.

I have been repeatedly imforming that I have assumed charge on 28/3/07 and kept every one informed that I have been working from home.

I am bringing this to the notice of H. E. the Governor,Hon'ble Lokayukta, Chief Secretary and others.
I will be putting this mail on the website if the C&I department fails to give assistance to me to conduct the meeting tomorrow by 10.45 am
My mobile Number is 9343**
MN Vijayakumar,IAS,
MD,MLW (working from home without staff,facility,salary and information)
22/6/07 7.30pm

Mahendra Jain <ni.vog.akatanrak|ic-senimyces#ni.vog.akatanrak|ic-senimyces> wrote:

I am directed to invite reference to your E-Mail dated 21.6.2007 on the above subject. In this connection, your kind attention is invited to Government Letter of even number dated 19.6.2007 wherein the decision of the Government has been communicated to you.

I am further directed to inform you to assume charge of the office of MD, MLW as per rules and then convene the meeting.

Yours faithfully,

Deputy Secretary to Government
C& I Department .

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