Developments on 21/6/07

My email to Principal Secretary dated 21/6/07 sent at 8.15am

Dear Shivakumar,

This is to inform you that I will be holding the Board Meeting somewhere in MS Building at 11.45 am on 23/6/07 if you do not make arrangements for me to hold the Board Meeting of MLW at Vikasa Soudha on 23/6/07.Please inform all concerned to attend the Meeting.Pleasse see that your representative attends the meeting with all files sought by me upto 5/4/07. It would be better if you make arrangements for LCD projection as I want to give details of how I am planning to revive MLW. Ofcourse I have been getting details about how Sri Somanna with your explicit support has been looting Mysore Lamps.You will be surprised at the amount of work done by me as MD since I assumed charge on 28/3/07. That too , working from home as you went out of the way to deny me any facilities,any staff, any information, ignoring all my communications and demanding in the only letter sent by you yesterday (20/6/07) after I lodged complaint against you with the Hon'ble Lokayukta that whether I STOOD BEFORE THE PERSON WHO LOOTED MYSORE LAMPS and took charge from him. What a method to cover up your misdeeds! Is it not surprising that you never asked why Sri Somanna never met me inspite of me asking you repeatedly to send him to me.Is it also not surprising that no Principal Secretary grade officer takes physical charge of any company and I am forced to take charge in that manner by not giving me even a class four staff..You thought I would become an easy scapegoat by forcing me to take charge and you could escape from being criminally prosecuted for looting Mysore Lamps. I will not allow this to happen as I have already complained to Lokayukta against both of you

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MN Vijayakumar
MD, MLW((working from home
without any facilities, staff, salary
and even without any info))
21/6/07 8:15am

My reply to C& I dated 20/6/07 sent at 5.30pm

Dear Shvakumar,

With refence to your mail I want you to atleast go through all my communications made to you since 28/2/07. I have assumed charge on 28/3/07 as per the format fixed by the Government. As for as taking charge from Sri Somanna is concerned I have given in detail in all my communications to you as to why I wanted him to be continued as a full time Director to assist me and hold the physical charge as he has failed to take action to prepare inventory of assets as per DPE letter. As I am not provided with any assistance, any facility,any staff I have repeatedly informed you that I am working from home. I sent many communications to you long back to make arrangements for payment of my salary. You never bothered to even respond even once about any of my communication. Only after I lodged complaint against you with the Hon'ble Lokayukta, for the first time since 28/2/07 ,you have responded now. Now atleast go through all my communications. I also repeatedly brought to your notice that my posting as full time MD has been done with criminal intention and now I am sure that you also conspired with DPAR.

Because of your malicious intention, you forced me to use the RTI Act to know what I should be doing. As your office failed to respond, I filed appeal with the Information Commission. Then also your office gave wrong information.When this was again brought to the notice of the Commission, the Commission directed your office to show me all files pertaining to Mysore Lamps.But again not all files were shown. Even from the files I was shown, your acting with criminal intention got confirmed. Later you never responded to my holding meeting at Mysore Lamps on 1/6/07 1nd 4/6/07 because you knew that during my visit to Mysore Lamps on 28/5/07 I came to know how Sri Somanna and you have been looting Mysore Lamps.
I had repeatedly asked you to send Sri Somanna , a very junior officer to me as I have not been provided any facility. Now also please do it. As for as my work as MD is considered, my revival plan of Mysore Lamps is nearing completion in spite of total non-cooperation from you.

Please make arrangements for me to hold the meeting on 23/6/07 , if possible in your chambers so that you can see me signing again whatever letter you want from which ever person you want. But I wll not be taking physical charge of assets.

Please send a vehicle also.If I dont receive any reply about the venue of the Meeting by 1.30 pm tomorrow (21/6/07) , I will decide the venue to hold the Board Meeting on 23/6/07 at 11.45 am ) and put it on my website immedately after 1.30 pm tomorrow(21/6/07).
Do not try to bring in technicalities where none exists.This is not the first time I have assumed charge,nor am I the only one who has assumed charge. You can not escape your looting money in C&I Department by preventing me from working as MD ,MLW.. I want to revive MLW by plugging huge leakages .If you were not involved you would have provided me with facilities sought by me repeatedly long back, instead of asking me to stand before a very junior officer who has looted MLW and ask me to .sign in his presence. You should have kept him under suspension long back when your office files contained so many complaints against him.

Please see my remarks to your letter below which I sent by courier yesterday(19/6/07).
I am sending a copy of this mail to H.E. the Governor, Hon'ble Lokayukta, the Information Commission, the Chief Secretary and the Home Commissioner,

Thanking You!
Yours Sincerely!
MN VijayakumarMD, MLW((working from home
without any facilities, staff, salary
and even without any info))
20/6/07 5:30pm

From BangaloreM. N. Vijayakumar,IAS 19/6/07
MD, MLW (working from home
without any facilities, staff, salary
and even without any info)
No.96,First Floor, RBH Road ,KG Nagar,
Bangalore 560 019
The Principal Secretary to Govt.,
Commerce & Industries Department,
Vikasa Soudha, Bangalore 560 001
Ref: Letter No. CI 12 CEL 2007 dated 5/6/07 received on 10/6/07

With reference to the above letter, I have kept both the Principal Secretary C&I Department and the Chief Secretary fully informed many times since 24/2/07 . Before sending this letter at least one of the many communications sent by me or my RTI application given to the C&I Department, or the appeal filed before the Karnataka State Information Commission, or the submission made to the Commission after the PIO, C&I Department gave wrong information could have been at least glanced.

I have already informed about this letter in my complaint to the Hon’ble Lokayukta against the Principal Secretary , C&I Department and Sri Somanna, Additional Director. I have also stated that I will be filing additional statement before the Hon’ble Lokayukta in respect of the letter now received from C&I Department seeking my remarks. The seriousness of the developments becomes clear, when the Principal Secretary who was fully informed repeatedly in writing, seeks remarks on facts repeatedly brought to his notice.

For the time being the above should be treated as my remarks.

Yours Faithfully,

(MN Vijayakumar)

K M Shivakumar <ni.vog.akatanrak|ic-srp#ni.vog.akatanrak|ic-srp> wrote:

Please find herein attached the Govt.letter
on the above subject.

With regards,

Deputy Secretary to Govt.,
Commerce & Industries Deptt.

C&I's email reply sent to me at 5 pm on 20/6/07

No. CI 12 CEL 2007 Karnataka Government Secretariat,

Vikasa Soudha,

Bangalore, Dated:19.06.2007.


The Principal Secretary to Government,

Commerce & Industries Department,

Bangalore – 560 001.


Sri M.N. Vijayakumar, IAS,

No.96, 1st Floor, RBH Road,

K.G. Nagar,

Bangalore – 560 019.


Sub: Conducting of Board Meeting.


With reference to your E-mail dt:18.06.2007 on the above subject, I am directed to request you to intimate whether you have assumed charge of MD, MLW as per KFC-1958 Rules and in prescribed format, from the relieving officer. If not, I am further directed to inform that unless you assume charge from the incumbent Sri A.K. Somanna, you cannot legally function as the MD, MLW Ltd., and convene Board meeting as you have proposed in your letter dated June 18, 2007.

In this connection, your attention is also invited to Government letter of even no., dt:05.06.2007 for which your reply is still awaited.

Yours faithfully,


Deputy Secretary to Government,

Commerce & Industries Department.

My email sent to Principal Secretary on 18/6/07

Dear Shivkumar,

Please refer to my communications so far, As 24/6/07 is Sunday and you may want to make arrangements to enable me to hold the Board Meeting of MLW in Vikasa Soudha. Hence ,as I had informed much earlier I will hold the Board Meeting at 11.45 am on on any day on or before 23/6/07 (AND NOT ON 24/6/07). Please make all arrangements sought by me in all my communications to you since 28/2/07 without fail. Please make arrangements as requested by me in my many communications to you so far to enable me to hold the Board Meeting on or before 23/6/07 as I have done lot of ground work for revival of MLW

As usual I am sending copy of this email to all concerned: H.E. the Governor, Hon'ble Lokayukta, Karnataka Information Commission, Chief Secretary and Home Commissioner,

Thanking You!
MN Vijayakumar( Working from home,not provided with any facilities,not even informed about what to do since 28/2/07 and without salary since 28/3/07)
Bangalore 1.30pm

My email sent to Principal Secretary on 16/6/07

Dear Sri Shivkumar,
Please refer to my previous communications.

This is to inform you that if I do not get any information , by 1.30 pm on 22/6/07, about the venue in which I should hold the next Board Meeting of MLW then I will decide the venue and hold the Board Meeting on 24/6/07 at 11.45 am. I will give the details of the venue on the website so that you can nform the Board of Directors and all ther concerned to attend the Meeting.
I repeatedly asked you in writing,to tell me what I should be doing in the closed company since 28/2/07 and you never bothered to tell me anything except conspiring with Sri Somanna working under you.You may recall that you have informed me ,after you forced me to use the RTI Act (even had to file an appeal for not getting any info, but even after Commission's order,still i did not get the correct information, shows your intention) that as MD it is left to me to do what I want.. That is what I will be doing on 24/6/07.

If I what I am going to do on 24/6/07 embarrasses Government, then the Chief Secretary and you should be held responsible. I am doing what is expected of me with no staff, no facilities provided even even ater 110 days after posting me against all norms with criminal intention.Please discuss this with the Chief Secretary and take all necessary actions on all issues raised by me since I assumed charge as MD,MLW on 28/3/07. Also make arrangements to pay my salary since 28/3/07. AG has issued necessary letter.

I am sending a copy of this email to H.E. the Governor, Hon'ble Lokayukta,Chief Secretary, Karnataka Information Commission,Home Commissioner

If I donot get any interim reply by 1.30 pm on 21/6/07 , i will put this email on

Further if I donot get the details of venue by 1.30 pm on 22/6/07, I will decide the venue and put it on immediately.

I repeatedly asked you to decide wheher you really wanted me to work as full time MD and you took more than a month and decided that my Services are needed. Just because I reported your corrupt practices should not make you prevent me now from discharging my duties which you yourself desired against my wishes.

Thanking You!
MN VijayakumarMD, MLW (working from home,without staff, facilities, salary or ay other thing)
16/6/07 10.30 am

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