Decisions taken on 23/6/07

Following decisions were taken in the Meeting held on 23/6/07 at 11.45 am

1. MD explained the latest trends in very high energy saving lighting prooducts based on high intensity LEDs. He also brought to the notice of all concerned about a newspaper item which appeared on 22/6/07 confirming his observations made on 28/5/07 that India is one of the large countries which has not taken LEDs seriously. MD also elaborated on the short term plan, medium term plan and long term plan for Mysore Lamps based on different products. With the new energy saving LED based lighting devices, he explained how huge amount of subsidy wrongly claimed by elecrticity utilities can be drastically reduced. He said neither the poorest are benfitted nor the Government is benefittted in spite of Government gving huge support.. But saving energy or saving subsidy is not the concern of these utilities and hence MYsore LAMPS can play a big role in both public and Government interests. During the discussion ,.During discussion the lack of transparency in C&I Department in evaluating the revival proposal submitted by those who have approached the High Court against closure was also discussed.

As LED based products have very long life many do not want to promote them and Mysore Lamps can show the path to others as it did more than 70 years back. Unfortunately no body in the C&I Department has bothered to understood its significance or if understood have not highlighted it for wrong reasons..It also came to light that those who were interested in revival had not been allowed to enter the factory for more than three years. C&I Department not giving proper opportunity or facilties was also discussed. MD informed that the revival will be based on the theme "SAVE MYSORE LAMPS TO SAVE ENERGY"

2. It was decided in the Meeting that Sri Prakash will be the convenor and he will arrange Meetings of the Team constituted on 28/5/07

3. It was also decided that the proposal prepared by the MD would be presented to the Government immediately after the Government provides the MD with the bare minimum facilities.Further MD informed that the revival proposal would be put on the internet calling for suggestions and comments from experts across the world.

4. It was also decided to move the Government to take action to prevent Sri Somanna and others from entering the Mysore Lamps factory and to prevent them from further looting the assets and tampering records.Please see here and here and also here

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