Obstruction by Chief Secretary

MN Vijayakumar,IAS Bangalore
Managing Director, Mysore Lamps 2/6/07

Sub: Criminal obstruction by the Chief Secretary - from discharging orders signed in the name of Governor of Karnataka on 1/6/07 - MN Vijayakumar,IAS

Dear Sir,

Each time I report corrupt practices or introduce systems to curb corruption, Chief Secretary has shamelessly against all decency to shield the corrupt has repeatedly got me transferred.. . On 24/2/07 even though I repeatedly asked to give me two days time to launch a system to curb corruption and increase transparency, a very junior officer was asked to assume additional charge of the post of Regional Commissioner , Bangalore while I was preparing for the launch. I was posted to the closed Mysore Lamps on 24/2/07.What is worse is that Sri #### who has allowed defrauding the public to the tune of a few hundred crores was given additional of #####
. I was posted as a full time MD replacing Sri Somanna, a very junior non-IAS officer who was holding additional charge of MD The reposting order was issued on 27/3/07 after 5pm.after more than a month after the transfer. (After 50 days after my tansfer an absurd terms of deputation was issued by the DPAR) .On 28/3/07 I assumed charge and wrote to C&I Department to direct Sri Somanna to take inventory of every thing as per the circular of the Department of Public Enterprises. Immediately after assuming charge I reported 3 major corrupt practices, and informed you that by plugging these corrupt practices, enough money could be generated to revive a few closed companies. I had sought certain information and manpower for this purpose from C&I Department. Till today nothing has been done. As Sri Sommanna had looted the Company with the blessings of his higher-ups, I did not want to take physical charge of the Company from him. This I have repeatedly brought to the notice of all to direct Sri Somanna to video graph all assets as per the DPE circular. Because of all these I asked that Sri Somanna should be posted as a full time Director to assist me so that it will be clear as to what has been looted by him and on whose instuctions. I immediately wrote to you clearly pointing out that the posting has been done with criminal intention. I was not even given even a single staff, any facility or a vehicle but was also not told what was expected from me. I even gave a proposal to raise money for revival of Mysore Lamps by curbing corruption in C&I Department. But till today in spite of many reminders I have not been given information and man power needed for implementing it. .As neither the Chief Secretary nor the Principal Secretary did not tell me what I should be doing as MD, I was forced to resort to use the RTI Act to know the same. As I was not given any information, I appealed to the Information Commission. Some information was given which were again not correct. Again after bringing this to the notice of the Commission I was allowed to see all files pertaining to Mysore Lamps (but not all files were shown). But what I saw confirmed my observation that I was posted to Mysore Lamps with the sole intention to physically finish me off. In fact in file after file it is recorded that the revival of Mysore Lamps is not possible and in a few files it is even recorded that revival is against public interest… When the revival of the closed company is against public interest, I do not know how my posting as a full time MD is in Public interest. In spite of it I informed the C&I Dept to inform the Board of Directors to attend a Board Meeting at my residence, as I was not given any facilities and as I was under threat. I had asked Sri Somanna to be made a full time Director to assist me. I have repeatedly asked the Principal Secretary C&I Department to direct Sri Somanna to meet me. Till yesterday he has not done so. I have clearly brought out the criminal basis for my frequent transfers and in particular to Mysore Lamps. Please see the proceedings of the Meetings held on 26/4/07, 30/4/07 and 4/5/07 at http://nomyslamps.wikidot.com.

In spite of advance information given many times C&I Department never bothered to send any of the Board of Directors .or Sri Somanna… When the C&I Department’s own files indicate that the revival of Mysore Lamps is against public interest I did not know what to do. By this time I had asked the Chief Secretary to give me time to discuss the serious corrupt practices of senior officers running into crores of rupees. I had made many requests to the Chief Secretary but did not get any appointment for more than 9 MONTHS. Finally I informed the Chief Secretary that if I am not given opportunity then I would make them public in public interest. On 23/5/07 even though Chief Secretary gave me an appointment he flatly refused to discuss the serious corruption issues and he said I could go to any agency stating that the Chief Secretary does not want to discuss my reports on the corrupt practices of senior officers. During the discussion I made it clear that I do not want to talk about posting or transfer. He made it clear that I should work where I am posted and quoted his own example of MEI. He had allowed my wife to come along with me but refused to discuss corruption issues she wanted to be addressed immediately.

After meeting the Chief Secretary and the criminal intention of my transfer confirmed, I got all those who were working for revival of Mysore Lamps to see what could be done and held a meeting at Mysore Lamps on 28/5/07.. All these officers and workers had not seen what the state of the company is for more than three and a half years were shocked to see the devastation and looting of the Company properties by Sri Somanna. I also came across huge financial irregularities committed by Sri Somanna with the support of his higher-ups I recorded all these. I immediately formed a small group of ex-officers and ex-workers of the Company to take stock of the situation and give me a report about the losses caused and give a plan for revival. My instructions given in writing are put on the website. Unfortunately those who were afraid that their looting of properties of Mysore Lamps would come to light did not allow the ex-workers and the officers to do their job.

Because of this I decided to review the progress on instructions given by me at Mysore Lamps itself. I sent a mail to the Principal Secretary yesterday morning about this with copies to the Chief Secretary, Lokayukta that I would be visting Mysore Lamps at 3 pm yesterday.. I also got it confirmed that the mail was shown to the Principal Secretary. My mail was also put immediately on the web site. I had asked the Principal Secretary to send Sri Somanna. I reached Mysore Lamps at 3 pm by a rickshaw. To my surprise I found that the persons whom I had asked to give me report were not allowed by the security… What is worse is even I was not allowed to enter stating that they have instructions from the C&I Department. I tried at least twenty times to speak to the Chief Secretary but his PS told me that the Chief Secretary did not want to speak to me and that I should speak only to the Principal Secretary, C&I Department. When he was also not available and I again repeatedly contacted the Chief Secretary he conveyed through his PS that I should speak to the Deputy Secretary or the under secretary. I told that if that is the case I will speak to a clerk. It is very alarming that the Chief Secretary himself obstructing me from discharging my duties as per the orders signed in the name of the Governor just to shield the protect.. I immediately got a complaint written to be given to the police.

You posted me with criminal intention to Mysore Lamps. You could not succeed in your design and it boom ranged on you as I exposed more corruption. When this happened you did not hesitate to prevent me from entering Mysore Lamps. This is the only conclusion that can be drawn as you could have contacted the concerned persons and allowed me to enter Mysore Lamps. But you did not do in spite of my repeated requests made by while standing in the footpath. .During the entire last 10 months period I have not been given protection even though repeatedly requested. As you obviously hate honesty of any type and do not hesitate to stoop to any level to protect the corrupt, henceforth I will be directly speaking about all corruption related issues in public interest which is not at all against the Conduct Rules. If at least one person does not rise against your corrupt intention, Karnataka will become the most corrupt place on earth. I am not allowing you to do so.

If you are really bothered about the revival of Mysore Lamps, you personally arrange to provide me all facilities needed for a Principal Secretary. Also make arrangements for my safety. If I am no longer MD of Mysore Lamps why this was suppressed? When was I transferred and relieved as MD, Mysore Lamps ?

If I have not been transferred, I am informing you that I am holding the Board Meeting on the footpath in front of Mysore Lamps on 4/6/07 at 11.45 am., if I am not allowed to enter the premises. But I know you have criminal intention and not the revival of Mysore Lamps. But you must make arrangement for payment of my salary from 28/3/07 as you assured me on 23/4/07. I am also informing you that I will be associating myself with the forum Fightcorruption NOW which exposes corruption issues at higher level in public interest. This is also what the Hon’ble Prime Minister wanted every Indian to do as is clear from his speech made a few days back and also the meeting you attended in New Delhi two days back. . This is also what H.E. the Governor of Karnataka had demanded from you but you ignored. You can not say that working with Absolute Integrity is against the Code of Conduct. In fact it is you as Chief Secretary who is not working with ABSOLUTE INTEGRITY and ### ####to shield the corrupt so far have been established to be against the Civil Services Conduct Rules.


I am also informing through this that I have no objection for any Indian citizen to get a copy of my letter/report/email sent directly to the Chief Secretary to be given under the RTI Act. This I have already communicated in my letters to the Chief Secretary and also reiterating here.

Thanking you,

Sri P.B.Mahishi, IAS,
Chief Secretary to GOK,Vidhana Soudha, Bangalore
Copy through email to : 1.H.E. the Governor of Karnataka,
2. The Hon’ble Lokayukta,
3. The Karnataka Information Commission, 4. The Home Commissioner,
5. The Principal Secretary C&I Department- now at least act with responsibility and make arrangements for my visit to Mysore Lamps on 4/6/07 at 11.45 am- vehicle , security , informing all concerned. Oterwise I will hold the Board Meeting with ex-officers and ex-workers on the footpath out side Mysore Lamps to discuss my written instructions dated 28/5/07. You may ignore order signed in the name of the governor, but I will not.As you wanted me to manage the closed the company in spite of pointing out the criminal intention.

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