My complaint against CHief Secretary dated 3 jun 07

Dear Sir, 3/6/07 1:55 pm Bangalore

Sub:1. Chief Secretary’s office and DPAR sending doubtful characters to the place where I previously stayed, sending letters to a place where I no longer stay.

2. Arrangements to be made for the Mysore Lamps Board Meeting at 11.45am at Mysore Lamps on 4/6/07 and the Chief Secretary should not instruct to stop me from entering Mysore Lamps. as was done by him on 1/6/07

I had shifted from RPC Layout , Vijayanagar house to the place where I stay after a very serious incident happened after I reported the serious corrupt practices of some senior IAS officers to the Chief Secretary. These officers had defrauded public money to the tune of a few hundreds of crores. I requested for protection but the Chief Secretary never bothered and till today has not bothered. Later my wife also requested the Home Commissioner who it appears in turn asked the Police Commissioner to take action. A police officer visited our house and I have given in writing about the serious incident and the reason for shifting from there.

Yesterday we learnt from the people who are staying in the house where we previously stayed that certain people with doubtful characters are enquiring about me stating that the address was given either by the Chief Secretary’s office or the DPAR.They also told me that they refused to accept several letters supposed to be sent by the Chief Secretary stating that I no longer stay there. In fact even after informing the DPAR, DPAR used to send letters with bad intentions to my previous address . And this stopped only after repeatedly bringing it to the notice of the DPAR.Now again it appears that both the Chief secretary’s office and the DPAR have resorted to this dirty act but this time it is criminal intention. I want this to be stopped immediately. I do not want my present address to be given to any body by the Chief Secretary’s office, the DPAR and the C&I Department without my consent.

I have been repeatedly informing both the Chief Secretary and the Principal Secretary , C&I Department that my posting to the closed Mysore Lamps as full time MD has been done with criminal intention to shield the corrupt at my expense. This is further confirmed when I was prevented from entering the Mysore Lamps on 1/6/07 obviously at the instructions of none other than the Chief Secretary himself. I have given in detail about this in my email sent yesterday. I was stopped because some are afraid that I would expose more looting of Mysore Lamps than what I had recorded after my visit to Mysore Lamps on 28/5/07 .

I am again informing both the Chief Secretary and the Principal Secretary to take necessary action so that I can hold the Board Meeting(at 11.45 am on 4/6/07 at Mysore Lamps as already informed in my yesterday’s email) and meeting with ex-workers and ex-officers regarding the revival of Mysore Lamps. I have not been provided with any staff, any facilities, any vehicle, any security and any salary since I assumed charge on 28/3/07.If the arrangements sought by me are not made even then I will hold the meeting ,of course on the footpath out side Mysore Lamps. If any thing bad should happen to me or others, then the Chief Secretary alone should be held responsible. I hope the Chief Secretary who posted me with ulterior motive understands this. Both the Chief Secretary’s office and the C&I Department confirmed that both emails sent by me yesterday were brought to the notice of the Chief Secretary and the Principal Secretary, C&I Department yesterday morning itself. Unfortunately in spite of the seriousness of the issue I have not heard any thing from either of them.

The only thing done so far after posting me as full time MD with criminal intention is to prevent me from entering the Mysore Lamps on 1/6/07 as per the instructions of the Chief Secretary for the reasons given in my yesterday’s email sent to all. those to whom this email is also being sent. My repeated requests in writing to the Chief Secretary to refer my reports to the High Level Committee on anti-corruption, to the Standing Committee as desired by the Cabinet secretary, GOI or to act as per the directions given by H.E.the Governor of Karnataka both at the Joint session at Belgaum,and the address made to the public on the Republic Day have been deliberately ignored .

I am also sending copies of this email to H.E.the Governor of Karnataka, Hon’ble Lokayukta, Home Commissioner, State Information Commission and of course to the Principal secretary, C&I Department. I want a return confirmation about the arrangements made.

My Service Rules requires me to work with ABSOLUTE INTEGRITY (which I also want) and no one can prevent me from raising my voice against the corrupt practices and reporting finally to the public even if it is done by seniors including the Chief Secretary.

Thanking You,
Your Sincerely
MN Vijayakumar, IAS
MD , Mysore Lamps

Copy to
H.E.the Governor of Karnataka, Hon’ble Lokayukta, Home Commissioner, Karnataka Information Commission and Principal secretary C&I Department

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