My letter dated 22 mar 07 to Chief Secretary

VV/PER/14/2007 Bangalore

M.N.Vijayakumar 22, March 2007

Under orders of Transfer,

Sub: Regarding various issues raised by me since June 2006


My Letters to the Chief Secretaries dated 26/10/06 (contains all my previous references), 6/11/06, 22/11/06, 24/11/06, 30 Nov 2006, 16 Jan 07 and 22 Jan 07
My letter to the Chief Secretary dated 27/1/07
Order dated 13/9/06 posting me as Secretary , Regional commissioner , Gulbarga
Order dated 25/10/06 promoting and posting for one day as Principal Secretary, Minorities Welfare
Order posting me again as Regional Commissioner, Gulbarga
Order dated 2/2/207 posting me as Regional Commissioner. Bangalore
Order dated 22/2/07 posting me as Principal Secretary, Department of Public Enterprises
Message received on 24/2/07 at 4:30 pm informing me that Sri Nayak has assumed additional charge
My letter to the Chief Secretary dated 24/2/07
My letter to the Chief Secretary dated 3/3/07
DPAR letter No 435 SAS 2006 dated 20/2/07 with dispatch time seal 3/5/07 and delivery time seal 5/3/07
My letter to the Chief Secretary dated 6/3/07
My letter to the Chief Secretary dated 12/3/07
My letter to Principal Secretary C&I dated 13/3/07

I had brought to your notice the following through various letters under reference:

I had made innumerable requests in writing to discuss serious corrupt practices of senior officers before a group of experts of your choice… I have also brought to the notice that GOI directions issued to the Chief Secretaries in April 2004 also requires such action to be taken. Till today I have not been given any opportunity in spite of huge amounts involved causing continuous loss to the public and the Government
Even though DPAR took speedy action to prevent me from launching transparent systems to curb corruption and expose corrupt persons, the same speed is not shown in giving the deputation order. Please see the comments of the public at welcoming my initiatives. The posting as a full time MD to a closed company against Government guidelines was done with ulterior motives to protect corrupt officers. I had highlighted in my letters addressed to you, the fact that the closed company had no staff, no office, no phone, no funds to pay salary and no vehicle. My consent was not sought before deputing me. As the posting was done with bad intention, I had sought the terms of deputation to be issued as the posting does not serve any purpose other than harassing me and humiliating me. I had also sent letters to the Principal Secretary Commerce and Industry clearly indicating the absence of any rational/moral grounds of posting a Principal Secretary grade officer, which is presently held as an additional charge by a non IAS officer who is very junior to me. I had also informed him that in spite of this , if he wanted my service to expose corruption in C & I department I had asked minimum facilities to be provided by the C & I Department itself to enable revival of the closed companies and also to book criminal charges against all those who ruined such Companies. I also learnt that the matter is pending with you for about three weeks.
Even an officer under suspension gets subsistence salary. In my case instead of appreciating my efforts to expose corruption and for introducing systems to curb corrupt practices, the only things I got from the Government in the last five months are the following: 1. Rejection of leave twice sought on the ground of threat 2. Issue of two notices in spite of clarifying my stand that raising voice against corruption is not a crime to be punished 3. Issue of warning to stop my efforts to expose corruption. Further I have not been given salary for the past five months. When checked up with the concerned officer with whom the file is lying without any action for about three weeks, he informed that he is the junior most officer and he is acting as per the instructions of his seniors. All these would not have happened if the principles of natural justice had been followed.
I had also informed you that I do not have the “qualifications’ required for getting appropriate posting (not being corrupt, not supporting the corrupt and not turning a blind eye to corruption) and that I have not so far approached the Competent Authorities as it would give me justice in getting appropriate posting but would not help me to pursue my fight against corruption. My fight against corruption also requires strong documentation of the corrupt practices including deliberate delays (even though the deliberate undue delay is being done to harass and humiliate me -including three transfers in three weeks in Feb. 2007 for my fight against corruption).
I have repeatedly brought to your notice large number of corrupt officers (including the Secretary DPAR) getting protected by the DPAR.
All the transfers (six transfers in six months from Sept 06 to Feb 07) pursuant to my reporting corrupt practices have been established to have been done to prevent me from pursuing my fight against corruption and to protect corrupt officers who should have been dismissed from service long back. I have been literally pushed to quit the service using various means including threats and transfers. But I have decided to remain in service and fight corruption in public interest.
I am fully aware that any person who talks about fighting corruption is ridiculed and treated very badly as corruption is treated as routine official duty by the corrupt officers. But what is heartening is the frustration of those who dislike corruption is getting at least some news coverage (Recent comments of Supreme Court Judges to hang the corrupt from lamppost is appreciated by majority readers of news papers as can be seen from their websites).

I am writing this letter to document my struggle and use it in appropriate forum at appropriate time.

Thanking You,



Sri P.B.Mahishi, IAS

Chief Secretary to Government, Government of Karnataka

Copy to:

Hon’ble Justice Sri Santosh Hegde, Lokayukta, Bangalore

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