My Complaint lodged with Police

I am MN Vijayakumar ,IAS a Principall Secretary grade officer with
25 years I have reported to the Chief Secretary several corrupt
practices of senior IAS officers running into crores of rupees. I
have seking police protection for the past ten months as there is
threat for having reported corrupt practices. Except placing a
beat-book very far away from where I stay, nothing else has been
done. I was transferred six times in six months for reporting
serios corrupt practices. I am now posted as full time MD of
closed Mysore Lamps. On 28/5/07 I went to Mysore Lamps with ex
-workers and officers for the first time. Even the ex-workers and
officers had not been allowed inside for more than three and a
half years. We noticed large scale damages and total mismanagement
of properties and money. My instructions after the visit can be
seen at the website On 1/6/07 I was
not allowed to enter Mysore Lamps as very senior officers are
afraid that I would expose more corruption. I tried more than 10
times to speak to the Chief Secretary. He refused to speak as he
is also involved in preventing me from entering Mysore Lamps. Most
of the looting of materials and money has taken place during the
time of Sri Somanna. Immediately I gave a written complaint to the
police. I have not been provided with any staff, any facility,
vehicle etc. I used the Right to Information Act to know why I was
posted. The C&I department was informed by me immediately after my
transfer, that the posting has been done by the DPAR with criminal
intention.As I have been posted to revive the company, I will do
every thing possible to revive the Mysore Lamps. I have called the
Board meeting and meeting with ex-workers and officers at 11.45
a.m tomorrow(4/6/07) at Mysore Lamps. I have asked Principal
Secretary C&I Department to provide me vehicle and make necessary
security arrangements yesterday itself . Please see the attached document
addressed to the Chief secretary with copies to H.E. the Governor of karnatak,
Hon'ble Lokayukta, Home Commissioner, Karnataka Information commissioner
and Principal Secretary (C&I Department) Till now I have not recieved any response
either from the Chief secretary or the Principal secretary, C&I department
till 8 pm on 3/6/07. As can be seen if I am not allowed inside I
will be conducting the Meeting on the footpath outside Mysore
Lamps. The police are requested to provide necessary security to
all those who attend and to me without fail. Of course I will be
lodging criminal complaints against all those who may prevent me
from discharging my duties as a Government Servant.Please send
acknowledgement by return email.

The response I receivedafter lodging the complaint is given below:
Your complaint has been delivered to the respective Police

MN Vijayakumar,IAS
MD, Mysore Lamps
3/6/07 8:10pm
We will get back to you as soon as possible

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