My email dated 5 apr 07 to C&I Dept with copies to CS etc

M.N.Vijayakumar, IAS,

MD, Mysore Lamps

(Without Office or any facilities- working from home)

Sub: My report on corrupt activities in C & I
Ref: 1 My letter to Principal Secretary C & I Dept
dated 27/2/07
2. My emails dated 28/3/07 and 29/3/07
3. My letter dated 30/3/07 also pasted after
this message
Dear Shivkumar,

I had informed the following to the Chief Secretary
and you through the emails/letters under reference. :
1. The first email sent on 28/3/07 about the
methodical replacements of assets and liabilities
statement of officers with disproportionate assets to
help the corrupt (as also in practice in the DPAR)
2. The second sent yesterday (29/3/07) on a case
buried by the C & I Department about Raichur Growth
centre in which a loss of about a few crores to the
Government was reported.
3. The third sent 0n 30/3/07 regarding plugging the
loopholes in land allotment. I am confident of
generating about 100 crores in three months and this
would be a recurring savings of about 15 crores every
month there after

I had asked you to provide me some files through an
officer who could work as per my instructions. I had
also asked you to instruct the present Additional
Director who is holding the additional charge of
Mysore Lamps to take inventory of every thing as per
the DPE circular for closed companies and lodge police
complaint wherever necessary. So far this has not been
done. Without taking action on this and without
issuing terms and conditions of deputation order as
suggested by me, I can only report corrupt practices
but revival of closed companies will not happen and
the corrupt can not be booked. I request you to take
immediate action on all these. As I have already
indicated I require an additional director grade
officer to carry out the tasks given to you by me.
Please post the Sri Sommaiah as full time officer to
work under me. By doing that he can continue to hold
the physical and financial charge and I will get time
to focus on the revival of sick companies by plugging
huge leakages.

As you never bothered to give basic facilities nor
issued the terms of deputation on the lines I
suggested, I had to apply u/s 8(2) of the RTI Act and
seek information as threat to me increased because of
certain incident that happened on 28/3/07. Even though
I have assumed charge, as terms of deputation have not
been issued even after 40 days, I am doing every thing
possible sitting from home.

I have been able to collect the names of five officers
whose assets and liabilities statements were replaced.
This was done to assist them to escape from being
charged with disproportionate assets case and also
three officials who did it. You must be fully aware of
them except one who has been transferred.
You must have come to know about another incident
involving another IAS officer that is talked every
where . He had unaccounted Rs 8 crores in his bank
account. He is being assisted by DPAR to escape from
corruption charges by just transferring.(DPAR is very
considerate and very helpful to the corrupt but uses
every method to harass if you are honest!)

Please make arrangements to send all files requested
in my emails and letters immediately through suitable
officers who can work with me.

Thanking You,
Yours Sincerely,

Sri K.M.Shivkumar, IAS
Principal Secretary, C & I Department,
Vikasa Soudha, Bangalore

Copy to
1. Sri P.B.Mahishi, IAS, Chief Secretary, GOK, for
record purpose
2. Hon’ble Justice Sri Santosh Hegde, Lokayukta for

Copy of my letter dated 30/3/07 given below for
immediate reference.

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