Letter to C&I Department dated 27 mar 07


Sri K.M.Shivkumar, IAS 27/3/07

Principal secretary, C & I Department Bangalore



M.N.Vijayakumar, IAS


Dear Sri Shivkumar,

Today (27/3/07 at 5 p m) I received the reposting order through email. This has happened 32 days after the DPAR transferred and posted me first as Principal Secretary, DPE, on 23/2/07 and further transferred me again on 24/2/07as a full time MD to the closed Mysore Lamps. A non-IAS officer who is very junior to me and holding the MD post as an additional charge had informed that this post is not meant for a principal Secretary grade officer like me. He also informed that there are no staff, no office, no phone, no vehicle and no salary. These were done by the DPAR with criminal intention to protect the corrupt and to prevent me from launching a system to prevent corruption and expose corrupt officers. H.E the Governor of Karnataka has also seriously warned in his Republic Day address on 26/1/07 against protecting the corrupt and punishing the honest. In spite of this, the shameless way in which DPAR is protecting corrupt officers like Sri. Devendran further disgraces Karnataka which has already been identified as the fourth most corrupt State in the country I will not yield to the harassment and humiliation meted out to me by the DPAR. I will continue to fight against corruption, in spite of harassment and humiliation by the DPAR. I am constitutionally bound to work with integrity and the Chief Secretary is constitutionally bound to enable me to work with integrity and without fear. Unfortunately, this has not happened in my case. I will approach the Competent Authorities for justice.

I had informed you that the DPAR would be doing all these to humiliate and harass me with criminal intention as there is no rhyme or logic in transferring me thrice in less than three weeks period. In spite of it I tried to interpret my posting order positively as an opportunity created to expose corrupt practices in the various public sector enterprises and with the money so generated by plugging leakages, to revive the sick and closed companies (not just Mysore Lamps).

I had asked the C & I Department to send me the draft terms and conditions of deputation to enable me to have minimum facilities that are needed for an officer of the principal Secretary grade to curb corrupt practices in the C &I Department to generate funds for revival of closed companies and to initiate criminal proceedings against all persons who are responsible for the bad state of the companies. But C & I Department has issued the reposting order without even informing me the terms of deputation. I had clearly indicated that posting as a full time MD is against both the Central and State Government guidelines. This deputation has been done without taking my consent and I am against it. However, for not being corrupt or for not closing eyes to corruption, the present posting by DPAR appears to be the best one for protecting the corrupt(as per DPAR) and to cause all types of maximum damages to me. I have repeatedly brought the corrupt practices of the Secretary, DPAR, to the notice of the Chief Secretary. It appears that the Chief Secretary is pressurized to take such malicious decisions in my case. A Police Inspector from the Commissioner’s office who visited our house on the instructions of the Principal Secretary, Home Department, also came to the conclusion that my posting has been done with bad intentions. I have ############

I had asked you to give your views clearly without any fear regarding the need of services of an officer of my grade as full time MD for such a closed company presently managed by a very junior officer as additional charge. Since the reposting order has been done after 32 days long deliberation by the C & I Department and the DPAR, I presume that all the terms and conditions suggested by me have been accepted including the need to curb corruption in C & I Department. Hence I presume my services are needed to curb corruption in C & I Department. I will be meeting the Chief Secretary and informing him about how I am going to plug leakages and generate funds for revival of closed companies. I will be starting a website calling for information and suggestions from the public and I will also be releasing press notes. Until all arrangements are made I will be working from either the Chief Secretary’s office or from the Principal Secretary, C & I office and I will be using their facilities.

I request you to send me a vehicle to my house tomorrow (28/3/07). I am also informing all these developments to the Chief Secretary, the Home Secretary and the Hon’ble Lokayukta for necessary action.

Thanking You,

Yours Sincerely,


Copy to

Sri P.B.Mahishi, IAS, Chief Secretary, Bangalore
Smt. Vatsala Watsa, IAS, Principal Secretary , Home Department, Bangalore
Hon’ble Justice Sri Santosh Hegde, Lokayukta, Bangalore

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