My letter to C&I Department dated 23 Apr 07

Dear Sri Shivkumar, 23/4/07

SUB: MN Vijayakumar,IAS holding Board Meeting of ML
at his residence as he has no supporting staff, no
security etc- Prl Secy C&I requested to inform all the
Board of Directors

I have reproduced below an extract from the letter
attached to this email. Please go through the attached
letter. I am sending a copy of this mail to the
Information Commission

As after repeated requests to the C&I Department and
the Chief Secretary no information was given about my
work, facilities, I was forced to resort to the use of
RTI Act. As no information was given I had to file an
appeal with the State Information Commission and only
after the Commission directed the C&I Department
Subsequent to this a partial reply has been given
stating that I have no supporting staff, officers etc
and that I have to make all those arrangements myself
as MD. I have repeatedly brought to your notice that I
have been posted as MD Mysore Lamps with criminal
intention, without taking my consent for reporting the
corrupt practices of senior IAS officers involving
crores of rupees. As you never bothered to apply mind
I am going ahead as informed to you in my letter to
the C&I Dept dated 27/2/07

. Details are available at a web site created by me
for this purpose Please
go through the website. I am giving an extract from
the website below:

An email has been sent to the Principal Secretary, C
& I Department informing about this website so that
all the Board of Directors can go through the agenda
notes and fruitfully participate in the Board meeting
to be held on 26/4/07 at 11.30 am at his residence.
This method has to be resorted to as neither the C &I
department nor the DPAR provided him any facility to
function as a full time MD nor protection sought has
been given.

As can be seen please make arrangements to inform all
the Board of Directors about the Board Meeting I am
going to hold in my residence at 11.30 am on 26/4/07.
Direct them to go through the agenda and notes given
at my website. Also immediately issue order posting
Sri sommanna to work as a full time technical director
to assist me.I had asked you to inform him to take
action as per the DPE guidelines to verify assets. I
have not heard any thing about it. Direct Sri sommanna
to brief the Board about this also.
I am forced to take these steps because of your
reluctance to provide any facilities or staff

Thanking You!



  • Working from home as no staff and facilities are


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