Board Meeting to be held on ?/6/07

Agenda and Notes for the Board Meeting to be held on ?/6/07
Venue: Venue to be made available by Pricipal secretary C&I Department
Time: 11.45 am

Agenda and Notes:

1. Same as that for the meeting on 4/6/07.

Principal Secretary C&I Department to make all arrangements for fixing the vene and date.He should make all arrangements for holding the Board Meeeting. Information about the venue should be informed not later than 22/6/07. Principal Secretary should inform all the Board of Directors about the Board Meeting and inform them to attend the meeting without fail otherwise they cease to be Directors on the Board. Principal Secretary C&I Department should send an officer from his Department who is handling matters pertaining to MLW to attend the Board Meeting. The team which was constituted at MLW on 28/5/07 is also invited to discuss the revival proposal. Principal Secretary should immediately make arrangements to provide a vehicle with driver and minimum office staff immediately.

2. Any other subject to be discussed by the Managing Director

Managing Director

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