My Letter to C&I Department dated 27 feb 07

Under orders of Transfer as MD, Mysore Lamps 27/2/07
Ph. No. 26671675, 9343833168
MS Building, Bangalore

I learnt from day before yesterday's news paper that I have been posted as MD, Mysore Lamps. I have not received the order so far. Yesterday I had sent an email and a photocopy of the email was also delivered to the C & I Department on 26/2/07. Incorporating what I have already stated in my email I am adding further observations in this letter.

IT IS TO BE NOTED THAT THE PSEs IN KARNATAKA FOLLOW GUIDELINES ISSUED BY THE DPE AND IF NO GUIDELINE IS AVAILABLE THEN IT FOLLOWS CENTRAL DPE GUIDELINES IN RESPECT OF ANY ISSUE. CENTRAL DPE DOES NOT ALLOW FULL TIME APPOINTMENT OF ANY OFFICER TO A SICK COMPANY WHICH IS NOT FINANCIALLY SOUND. THAT IS WHY MYSORE LAMPS DID NOT HAVE A FULL TIME MANAGING DIRECTOR EXCEPT A NON IAS OFFICER HOLDING ADDITIONAL CHARGE. There is a limit for any Government Department to act irrationally. My present posting crosses all limits. This becomes further clear when government posts an officer to hold additional charge of Administrator, Bangalore Bruhat Mahanagara Palike and posts another officer to hold additional charge as Regional Commissioner, Bangalore and feels that a full time Managing Director is needed for a closed company which cannot afford to pay monetary benefit to already entrenched workers. Whether a guideline exists or not, even the most foolish person on earth will not come out with such idea except those who have got criminal intentions. The C & I Department should not become a laughing stock.

In spite of this observation if C & I Department wants my services to accomplish the task I have set myself (fight corrupt practices in C & I Department), then immediately send by return email a draft deputation order on the lines suggested later in this letter. I will confirm the deputation order and suggest modifications if any. After my confirmation, please make arrangements to send the duly signed terms of deputation on the above line. My telephone Number is 26671675. I will give my home address once the duly signed deputation order on the above lines is kept ready and the same can be delivered to my house.

When I tried to understand the purpose of my posting to a closed company, I felt that apart from harassing and humiliating, there could be some positive aspects which might have been totally missed by those who planned my transfer. This is because corruption being a criminal activity, there is no time bar for proceeding against any corrupt officer and as the company is totally closed, this is the only work I can do. However, even earlier, there was no need to take Government’s sanction to criminally prosecute retired corrupt officers. But unfortunately none of he Government Departments or the PSEs coming under them took any action. But with the latest Supreme Court decision even for officers still in service also, there is no need to get Government sanction to criminally prosecute corrupt officers. Regarding my competence to successfully achieve this I am giving the events that led to my present posting.

This posting has been done as already said, to prevent me from pursuing serious corruption cases detected by me and for creating a very transparent system (public response can be found at The type of corruption, this simple measure could prevent and expose is evident by my repeated transfers. My innovative measures have also upset many corrupt officers. All these were done while I was allowed to work for 20 days as Regional Commissioner Bangalore. Being made a whole time Managing Director, it should not be difficult for me at all to strike at the roots of corruption still pervasive in C & I Department.

I also learnt about the pathetic conditions of Mysore Lamps. As the company is closed, I presume that the Government wants me to identify the officers responsible for bringing a very nice company to its present bad shape. As the company has closed its operation many years back, I presume again that the Government has posted me, a very senior officer of Principal Secretary grade to unearth the corrupt practices that destroyed the company and to recover as much as possible from those officers and do justice by giving monetary relief to those workers, who have still not got the same. I will be also studying in depth and reporting to Hon'ble Lokayukta, the names of all the officers who were responsible for the current state of affairs including the Board of Directors who never contributed positively by silently supporting corrupt practices. I will also file complaints with the Hon’ble Lokayukta to initiate criminal proceedings against such officers (both retired and serving Government officers) I also learnt that there are only two permanent staff in Mysore Lamps. I do not think that the Government is so foolish to send a very senior officer and expect that he will do nothing and that he will also be not paid any salary. As the task I have outlined is to be carried out in the shortest time, I want the terms of deputation to provide the following by the C& I Department to strike at the roots of corruption in C & I Department.

1. Additional Staff (A whole time Additional Director from C & I Department, A Joint Director level Officer with finance background, a Deputy Director level officer with legal background) as per the norms allowed for an officer of the rank of Principal Secretary, Additional Director etc and their salary and deputation allowance, medical reimbursement and other similar benefits.

2. My salary, and deputation allowance, medical reimbursement and other similar benefits including sumptuary allowance. My personal staff as per norms allowed for a Principal Secretary grade officer.

3. Phone, Computer with broad band facility and a data entry operator

4. Vehicles with drivers. Drivers’ salary and allowances for the MD, Additional Director, Joint Director.

5. Fuel for the vehicles. Maintenance of the vehicles

6. Any consultancy expenditure

7. Residential phone and its expenses for all officers above the grade of Deputy Director

8. Mobile phone and its expenses

9. Any other expenses needed to carry out the tasks outlined earlier

10 As I have reported serious corruption cases involving crores of rupees, I also want proper security arranged for me.

All the above should be explicitly and unequivocally written in the terms of deputation order: clearly stating that all the above will be provided by the C & I Department and not by Mysore Lamps.

Most probably I will come out with methods to revive the company by unearthing corrupt practices of some officers who may be working any where in the Government, and the money so detected and recovered could be used for the rehabilitation and revival purposes. As Secretary, DPE I have come across serious irregularities committed by the C & I Department, and I will find more such cases and the money so identified should be mercilessly collected from those who defrauded the Government and the same could be also used for rehabilitation purposes of other closed companies. The very fact that the Government has posted me to Mysore Lamps, is an indication that I will be allowed to work on the above lines. I want powers to call for any file from any Government, any State PSE. Any recurring leakage detected by me in any of the above, twelve times that amount should be transferred to a fund to be used for rehabilitation or revival purpose. Any excess amount claimed for service or product or infrastructure not created and detected by me to be transferred to the same fund. However, I will be also filing criminal complaint with the Hon’ble Lokayukta for defrauding the Government by adopting corrupt practices (I have already detected and reported to the Chief Secretary many such cases while I was working in the Energy Department and in the DPE even funds from those cases also to be transferred). I will be also releasing press statement to achieve what I have outlined above and also will be personally briefing the press.

MY REPOSTING ORDER TO BE ISSUED ONLY AFTER I RECEIVE THE DEPUTATION ORDER ON THE ABOVE LINES FOR FIGHTING CORRUPT PRACTICES IN THE C & I DEPARTMENT. If ALL THE ABOVE COULD BE DONE TODAY ONLY THEN I AM ALSO READY TO TAKE CHARGE TODAY ONLY (I had informed the C & I Department that I was ready to take charge on 26/2/07 itself if the deputation order on the above lines is issued). Please consult the Chief Secretary for any clarification.

If for any reason the C & I Department feels that such a senior level officer like me is not needed because of what I have said above, It should inform the Government as there is no rhyme or reason for the C & I Department to obey the government order and repost me as M.D unless the intention is to detect all corruption cases in C & I Department. If this is not the objective of the C & I Department even though it is needed in public interest, then C & I should not hesitate to write to the Chief Secretary clearly that my services are not needed and send a copy of the letter to me. The Secretary C & I email appears to be not receiving mails and such a simple thing should not have been allowed to happen (a new ID can be created in two minutes).

With best wishes,


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