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1. Briefing by the MD about the background to his posting as already reported to the Chief Secretary and the C & I Department through his
i letters to the Chief Secretary since his posting as MD
lii etters to the C & I Department since his posting as MD||

2. Proposal to request the Government to provide all facilites sought as given in agenda1 for the revival of closed company i.e.
a. Provide Security arrangements in view of threats as Sri Vijayakumar repeatedy reported in writing to the Chief Secretary about serious corrupt practices of senior IAS officers involving crores of rupees
b. To continue Sri Somanna as a fultime Director of the comany to assist the MD as his tecnical director as already reported to the C & I Department. Sri Sommanna should brief the Board about asset verification as per DPE guidelines.
c. To provide staff and officers as suggested by Sri M.N.Vijayakumar
d. To provide all other facilities sought by Sri M.N.Vijayakumar
e. To provide funds to meet salary etc and all the above
f. To bring on record all other corruption related things mentioned by Sri M.N.vijayakumar

3. Briefing by the Government Nominee Directors as per the following DPE Guidelines.
1) regarding physical verifications to be done
2) regarding action against retired corrupt officials.
3) regarding Transparency in Recruitment.
4) regarding Transparency in giving concessions like waver etc.
5) regarding Transparency in reporting Assets and Liabilities of employees.
6) regarding Highlights of the Workshop on Right to Information Act for the CEOs and PIOs of the PSEs.
7) regarding DPE’s Performance Review Report.

4. To enable Sri M.N.Vijayakumar to work as per his terms and conditions as contained in his letters to the C&I Department and the Chief Secretary.

5 To authorize Sri M.N.Vijayakumar to take all necessary action to implement his plan for revival

6. Any other subject to be introduced by the MD

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