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Revival Plan: Decisions taken on 23/6/07

Developments on 23/6/07

Developments on 21/6/07

Praja Vani 5/6/07

Deccan Herald 5/6/07

Times of India 5/6/07

Indian Express 5/6/07

My email dated 14/6/07 to Principal Secretary C&I Department

Dear Sri Shivkumar.

I am reproducing below the agenda and notes for the Board Meeting to be held on a date to be fixed by you and venue to be arranged by you.I want to hold the Board Meeting before 23/6/07
You can see further details at http://nomyslamps.wikidot.com

You also please make arrangements for payment of my salary, for providing me all facilities and for taking action on all my letters written to you from the date of assuming charge on 28/3/07 without fail

I am sending a copy of this to H.E.the Governor of Karnataka, Hon'ble Lokayukta, the Chief Secretary and the Home Commissioner

Thanking You!

MN Vijayakumar

MD, MYsore Lamps working from home without any facilities and without any staff

Agenda and Notes for the Board Meeting to be held on ?/6/07
Venue: Venue to be made available by Pricipal secretary C&I Department
Time: 11.45 am

Agenda and Notes:

1. Same as that for the meeting on 4/6/07.

Principal Secretary C&I Department to make all arrangements for fixing the vene and date.He should make all arrangements for holding the Board Meeeting. Information about the venue should be informed not later than 22/6/07. Principal Secretary should inform all the Board of Directors about the Board Meeting and inform them to attend the meeting without fail otherwise they cease to be Directors on the Board. Principal Secretary C&I Department should send an officer from his Department who is handling matters pertaining to MLW to attend the Board Meeting. The team which was constituted at MLW on 28/5/07 is also invited to discuss the revival proposal. Principal Secretary should immediately make arrangements to provide a vehicle with driver and minimum office staff immediately.

2. Any other subject to be discussed by the Managing Director

Managing Director

Meeting held oudside Mysore Lamps on 4/6/07 : Decisions taken:

  1. As the bulding is constructed by Bharath Ratna Sir M. Visveswariah, to move the Government to delcare it as a heritage building
  1. To revive Mysore Lamps incorporating new energy saving products and to be funded by diverting false excess subsidy claimed by energy deapartment for power not supplied to the poorest people. Also generate more funds plugging loopholes(corrupt practices) in C&I Department as per MD's reports submitted to C&I department upto 5/4/07
  1. To lodge complaint against the Principal Secretary Sri K.M.Shivkumar , C&I Department and previous MD Sri Somanna , MLW with the Lokayukta for causing losses by their corrupt practices
  1. To confirm the online complaint lodged with the Yashvanthpur police station on 3/6/07 by identifying that it is the Chief Secretary who prevented the MD from discharging duties as a Government servant .

My letter dated 2/6/07 addressed to Principal Secretary C&I Department.

Extract from my letter to the Chief Secretary dated 2/6/07 with copies to H.E. the Governor of Karnataka, Hon'ble lokayukta, Home Commissioner, Karnataka Information commission & Principal secretary, C&I Department

The Principal Secretary C&I Department- now at least ghould act with responsibility and make arrangements for my visit to Mysore Lamps on 4/6/07 at 11.45 am- vehicle , security , informing all concerned. Oterwise I will hold the Board Meeting with ex-officers and ex-workers on the footpath out side Mysore Lamps to discuss my written instructions dated 28/5/07. You may ignore order signed in the name of the Governor, but I will not.As you wanted me to
manage the closed the company in spite of pointing out the criminal intention, I am holding my fourth board Meeting at 11.45 am on 4/6/07


Review of action taken on instructions given on 28/5/07 at Mysore Lamps today (1/6/07) at 3 pm at Mysore Lamps Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4

Board Meeting held to confirm 30/4/07 Board proceedings fixed on 4/5/07 at 11.30 am at MD's residence. Resolutions as and when made were shown live. Detailed proceedings has been put on this website on 4/5/07


Sri M.N.Vijayakumar,IAS assumed charge on 27/3/07 Letters written to the Chief Secretary and Pincipal Secretary, C & I Department will be put here after the first Board Meeting. He had given to the C&I Department an action plan for raising resouces for the REVIVAL of sick companies to the C&I Department HE HAD CLEARLY GIVEN THE DETAILS OF STAFF AND FACILITIES THAT SHOULD BE PROVIDED IN THAT LETTER

Sri Vijayakumar repeatedly informed in writing to the C&I Department and the Chief Secretary that there are threats to him for having reported corrupt practices of senior IAS officers involving crores of rupees in his previous postings .Because of these and in the absence of any facilities he is left with no choice but to work from home. He has sent many reports to the C&I Department , the Chief Secretary and the Hon'ble lokayukta about his plans to plug loopholes to generate funds for revival of closed companies and sought the assistance of some officers and staff from C&I Department and to make available some files. But none of these things have been provided so far

In his letter to the Chief Secretary dated 18/4/07 Sri Vijayakumar has asked that he be allowed to work with absolute integrity and not harass, humilate and threaten him for working in public interest .These unpleasant things have happened in his previous postings.He was transferred six times in six months for reporting corrupt practices of senior IAS officers involving crores of rupees to the Chief Secretary His posting to Mysore Lamps was consequent to his introducing a very transparent system to enable citizens to see files on the internet using webcamera.Details are available here

As after repeated requests to the C&I Department and the Chief Secretary no information was given about his work, facilities, Sri Vijayakumar was forced to resort to the use of RTI Act. As no information was given even when sought under the RTI Act he had to file an appeal with the State Information Commission and only after the Commission directed the C&I Department Subsequent to this a partial incorrect reply has been received stating that Sri Vijayakumar has no supporting staff, officers etc and that he has to make all arrangements himself as MD.

In the absence of any supporting staff or facilities, Sri. Vijayakumar has decided to conduct the Board meeeting at his residence and to make available the agenda notes to not only the Board of Directors but to all citizens through this webiste. The proceedings of the Board meeting will be also put on this website. An email has been sent to the Principal Secretary, C & I Department informing him about this website so that all the Board of Directors can go through the agenda notes and fruitfully participate in the Board meeting to be held on 26/4/07 at 11.30 am at his residence. This method has to be resorted to as neither the C &I department nor the DPAR provided him any facility to function as a full time MD nor protection sought has been given. Eventhough Sri.Vijaykumar is a Principal Secretary Grade officer, he has not been provided with the facilities which even an Section Officer gets.As Sri Vijayakumar has repeatedly informed the Chief Secretary and the C&I Department that his posting as a full time MD has been done with ulterior motive and he has not been till today informed that he has been appointed with the specific objective of revival of the company, Sri Vijaykumar requests all concerned not too hope for anything. bUT in spite of all these, Sri Vijayakumar has informed the C&I department how to raise resources,if there is any intention to revive the closed company. But both the C&I Department and the Chief Secretary have not responded to this so far.

Arrangements were made to webcast the Board Meeting on 26/4/07 itself but the meeting could not be held as no Board of Director turned up . Again no director turned up on 30/4/7 for the Board Meeting even though the Principal secretary was asked to instruct the Directors to take it seriously . This gave scope to doubt if there are directors at all and hence Sri M.N.Vijayakumar held the Board Meeting alone and issued the proceedings!

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